Polite Paws SkyLine Aerial Dog Run (20.1-30meters)


The SkyLine has been primarily developed to give owners a new way to keep their Houdini dog safe from escaping and getting injured or killed. It is only management and you still need to be working on addressing the reason why your dog is feeling the need to escape, but it can stop tragedy in the meantime. Often people turn to shock collar containment systems, but sadly most escaping is due to anxiety and pain makes anxiety much worse (and often then presents as aggression to family). Plus some dogs will run through the pain of the shock due to the severe panic caused by their storm or separation anxiety, lost dogs are picked up with shock collars on due to this panic and ignoring the shock.

It can also be used to keep dogs safe while hanging out in the front yard with you for example, that maybe canít be fenced due to council restrictions. Or if you go camping or travelling in a caravan, you can attach to a hook on your car or van!

And unlike other systems on the market, every part of the system is stainless steel except the clips (aluminum alloy rated to 400kg), so fine to be left up all year and will last a lifetime!

More Info, Photos and Install Video Here!

- Entire Kit including the lines are Stainless Steel, except the clip which is an aluminimum alloy
- Able to handle all sizes of dog as all parts rated over 200kg
- Less ability to inflict self harm than in a crate or cage
- Easy to install with 1 person in under 10minutes
- Dog Line can be taken off when not needed
- 2 Dogs can be connected to 1 system by buying a spare dog line to attach to the pulley
- Dog line and Top line fully adjustable
- Safe management for a dog with issues such as separation anxiety, storm phobia or boredom while the issue is being treated. Dog's do not escape without good reason!

When using the system it is recommend to have the dog attached by way of a harness, and that training be done to ensure they are comfortable being tethered. A collar has choking risk, so we do not endorse or recommend connecting our system to your dogs collar. We sell the comfortable and non-restrictive vari-fit harness that is perfect for all day wear. If you dog can get out of harnesses, our vari-fit harness can come with a Houdini strap that goes around the belly will prevent this happening.

What Included
- Top Line with 2 Stoppers & Pulley all in Stainless steel
- Dog Line in Stainless Steel (extra line can be purchased for a 2nd dog)
- 5.5mm Spanner
- 8mm Spanner
- Peg for tightening bolts
- 2x Screw eye bolts in Stainless Steel
- Drill Bit
- Training Instructions
- Installation Instructions

You Supply
- Tape measure (minimum 2.5m)
- Marker
- Step Stool
- Drill
- Shifter or Pliers (only if you adjust turnbuckle so not essential)

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