2 Pack - AquaPaw Slow Treater Wall Mounted Licky Mat


Note: If ONLY purchasing this set of 2 (nothing else) and OUTSIDE NSW/ACT you can use the code 500 to reduce the postage to $10.

This Genuine innovative treat slow feeder is a fantastic addition to your toolbox for teaching husbandry tasks with cooperative care like brushing, bathing, ear cleaning, cutting nails etc.

Perfect for Vet Clinics and groomers who want to make their customers visits as low stress as possible!

We like to use a high quality can dog food, fruit based baby food, peanut butter, meat mince or pre-made raw diet, cream or cottage cheese smeared in. And to make it last even longer you can freeze it!

- 100% FDA Grade Silicone
- Nubs slow down licking
- Wings for easy placement
- Tabs for easy removal
- Dishwasher safe
- Freezable!
- Can be used anywhere!

Training tip! Spend a few sessions just letting your dog or cat use the slow treater in the location you plan to do the tasks. This may be at your home on a table or at the vet clinic or groomer. Then slowly in baby steps start the process over as many sessions at you can. You may start with just touching the area, introducing tools etc. The whole time you are doing this make sure you stop anytime your dog stops licking, and commence when they start again. Giving them the power to tell you when they are happy for you to continue and need you to stop.

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